The Family Funeral Home, LLC


The Family Funeral Home, LLC 736 Clinton Avenue, Newark NJ 07108

The Family Funeral Home, LLC is dedicated to providing services to the families of  Essex County and Hudson County (Jersey City) New Jersey with care, dignity and compassion.

We serve every family of every faith, color and creed in our community with great pride, and respect of religion. We are able to offer a wide range of services to meet your family financial needs, and custom. We will listen to you and understand your desires to help plan a "Celebration of Life" consistent with your expectations. We will take the time to plan every detail and help to relieve the burden on your family during life's transition of your loved one.

Our website contains information about our caring staff, our services and links to resources to help you get through this tough time.

The Family Funeral Home, LLC

For a copy of the printed funeral program please make your request by email and one will be forwarded to you, send a returnable email to or

Sending a love one home

Often times a loved one's last wish is to return home to their native state, or country for final disposition. With many years of experience we can assist you in honoring your loved one's last request and return them safely home. Feel free to inquire about these services.

Serving Jersey City, Hudson County

We are pleased to announce our swift arrival in Jersey City, New Jersey. So many of the families from the community are requesting the services of Kenneth W. Cattenhead and his staff.  Yes, our home base is in Newark,  Essex County, but Jersey City is still home for us!

Kenneth have assisted so many families over the last 19 years in funeral service working for Murray's "A Temple of Service" Issac L. Murray Owner/Founder, and Frank L. Murray Owner/Manager as the Chief Embalmer from 2000-2004. Parker Funeral Home, Cornelius R. Parker Owner (Retired December 26, 2007), as the Chief Embalmer/Funeral Director(1988-2007), Funeraria Las Americas, Manager/Executive Director (1997-2006), and last far from least Jackson Funeral Residence, under the tuteledge of the Owner/Founder and surrogate Dad Herbert A.Jackson (1930-2003) as the Chief Embalmer/Executive Staff Director(1989-2007),